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Them Clones in Chennai May 23, 2009

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Just came back from the Them Clones show in Bucks Theatre, YMCA in Chennai. Kickass man!! They also gave away their new single free of cost!! They also informed that they have 17 songs ready for their new album titled ‘Love. Hate. Heroes’ out of which 10 will make the album. Now the interesting part-all their 17 songs are out there in their website, themclones.com. We can listen to all of them and suggest 10 songs which we think should be on their upcoming album. So,while I am writing this post, I am also listening to their songs and shortlisting 10 songs.

So guys, if you support good original Indian Rock music, go ahead and listen to their music and help them select the tracks!!! Keep Rocking!!!

P.S.- JunkYard Groove, one of Chennai’s best bands also played in the show, but I couldn’t stick around. But they did give their new album ’11:11(Bootleg)’ free with the tickets. I am yet to listen to the album. Will post a review soon!!!




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